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Today has been an exciting day. The images from the Spei system are getting clearer by the hour. While the gas giants have been visible for weeks, now the smaller planets can be studied. Two major discoveries today. Light has been detected on the moon M2 W5. It’s not clear yet if this light is reflected off of a metal or crystalline structure, a bioluminescent effect, or artificial in nature. My staff has assured me that we should be able to determine the type within the next two days.

The second discovery was reported by the communications department. A set of radio signals emanating from Y3, the third planet of Y, has been detected. The signals are weak and may be artificial in origin.

The ship is a buzz with talk – I haven’t seen moral this high since we stared breaking 10 years ago. We may not be alone. I wish we had the resources to send a ship back towards Earth with this news. The communications department is alos indicating that they should be able to determine if the signals are artificial within the next two days.

Our two staffs have some good nature wagering going on over which department will prove that there is life here at the end of our journey first. I’ve told my staff that if we’re first I’ll let the person who proves it name the lights.


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